Frequently Asked Questions

The name comes from our ability to achieve the highest tested log kill for biologicals achieved by the chemical, which is log 7. The chemical’s formulation was originally developed by Sandia National Labs for the military as a decontaminate to neutralize chemical and biological weaponized agents. Name is now Decon7 Systems, Inc.

Our organization was developed to commercialize products engineered by Sandia National Laboratories for response to acts of terrorism and for national security. We were able to take these products into commercial industries they never thought to use it in, including food safety, police, fire, EMS, corrections, janitorial and sanitation services.
Decon7 Systems has commercialized one of the world’s most innovative compounds. While the compound was created in a national laboratory for defense use, we saw the potential and brought it out of the vault. This compound became our flagship product, D7. D7 is a three-part compound that creates a highly effective decontaminate and disinfectant when mixed. While the use cases feel endless, Decon7 has concentrated on markets where D7 can be most impactful. This means we focus on the food supply chain and public safety, and most recently on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.*

*See label for specific use instructions.

It is a highly effective broad-spectrum product that can protect the user from a variety of exposures that are harmful to themselves and others, greatly reducing risk associated with their daily jobs.
Our product can achieve so much, but the time it takes for testing and EPA approval greatly slows us in being able to market for particular issues or pathogens. Ultimately, the chemical is useful in many more scenarios than it is currently allowed to be used in, but we continue to add to that list. Educating the end users is a challenge due to the misconceptions about clean vs. sanitized vs. disinfected, and the effectiveness of D7 compared to other products.
Our flagship product, D7, was designed for and adapted by our military to help our nation keep safe from chemical and biological warfare agents. Decon7 Systems has taken this formulation and made it available to the commercial markets to help keep the world a safer place.
It’s highly effective and does what it needs to do in one application to solve their issue. Decon7 strives to continue top notch customer and technical support. All team members are happy to go above and beyond for our customers.
Helping to keep them safe so they can keep their community safe.
We recently relocated our HQ to Coppell, Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
We are unveiling a new product and service that is going to revolutionize the fire industry in late summer 2021 through a strategic partnership. Partnering with RedLine, we will own a on-site gear cleaning service to wash turnout gear on the fireground or at the station as a same day service.